Three Towns is the product of hundreds on hundreds (etc. etc.) hours of work by two people. The server admin spends more time debugging and building Three Towns than he spends at his horribly low-paying part time job, and the server is hosted in his low-income apartment, where the electricity bill has mysteriously increased by about 60% since he started hosting, with similar increases in outlays for headache medicine.


If you enjoy Three Towns, or would just like to give us money for no good reason, we accept PayPal donations. Donations will remain anonymous and will be used to offset admin expenses and (if sizable enough) upgrade the physical server.


If you have some extra hardware you think might be useful to Three Towns, that's acceptable as well. We are currently looking for the following upgrades/parts:

  • DDR RAM, speed 266/PC 2100 or (preferably) 333/PC 2700. DDR 400/PC 3200 would work as well but it's doubtful anyone would actually want to give us any.
  • Athlon XP processors over speed 1500+.
  • Full copper heatsink/fan suitable for Athlon XP's.
If you wish to donate hardware, contact the admins at for shipping information.