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Three Towns is no longer being administered by me (Mu). D.S. Clegg is the new administrator. This site will no longer be updated, although I'll leave it up out of a profound sense of packratting. The new Three Towns site is currently located at www.geocities.com/thethreetowns.

Welcome to the woefully inadequate homepage of the Three Towns server. Herein you may find information about Three Towns, advice for starting out, and snide comments about how to not suck in a deliberately difficult module.


12/11/02 - Next version will be 552e. Changes made to the mechanics of Time Stop and Blade Barrier, bug fixes for unbanning oneself from Wheaton, pickpocket slaying, polymorph/tax bug (rearing its ugly head again), and more. The temporary resurrection bug fix is removed, so watch your resurrection count. Inactive characters are being archived aggressively. For those who haven't read the journal in a while, any character that has not been modified in over a month (regardless of other activity on that account) may be deleted during one of our housecleaning soirees to keep the data system from vomiting. As of this writing, we've managed to clean ourselves down to about 2000 active characters.
11/17/02 - Next version will be 550. Fixes placed in various versions of 549 and 550 include fixes to PK systems for spells that paralyze, some cosmetics, wide-scale streamlining of processes, and a fix for the "confused conversation token" bug when traffic is high. Please note any problems with conversations so we can track bugs. By request, a donation page has been added to the website. Upcoming changes include a banking (and embezzlement) system and many new areas. Current population maximum is set at 30, with minor performance issues during peak time.
11/9/02 - Current version is 549. New experience system being tested; please take note of any undue lag or system slowdowns when fighting, particularly in high-traffic areas e.g. Vanguard marches and the like.
11/8/02 - Current version is 548a. New town with integrated quest open for business, some minor tweaks to critters in high level areas, and some bugfixes.More coming up that I probably won't tell anyone about since they're abused so much. :P
10/29/30 - Current version is 544. Some new spell fixes, minor tweaks to the murder system, creature changes, etc. Improved Invisibility's concealment now has its normal duration, though the invisibility effect is as previously modified.
10/26/02 - Current version of Three Towns is 542b. Some bug fixes and new areas added and populated. In addition, there is a VERY IMPORTANT notice regarding character with too many hit points going in soon. If your character has greater than maximum hit points for his level, constitution, and feats, you must contact the admins as soon as possible to fix your character. After one week or so, these characters will be autobooted from the server.
10/19/2002 - Three Towns 540e up and running. Will fix sleep-deprived spelling mistakes later. Systems updated with new stuff for Outlaws and VERY IMPORTANT notes for anyone with the Pickpocket skill.

10/15/2002 - Patch 1.26 released, Barkskin/Mage Armor/Shadow Shield re-enabled, Barbarian Rage returned to normal
10/14/2002 - Extended PK System added, see details in Systems.

Three Towns resides in the "PW Action" channel of Gamespy's insufferably inadequate network. Uptime for Three Towns tends to be about 20 hours at a stretch, unless the admins see that nobody is on and want to do a quick recompile, or something very bad happens. Very bad things do not happen often.

The primitive sidebar at the left will take you to the various sections of the site...

HOME (this page)
ABOUT (the geography and basic situation in Three Towns)
MAP (a map of some readily available areas, also accessible from About)
GUIDE (some tips for prospective players of Three Towns)
CREATURES (summaries of some of the creatures one might find early in one's career)
SYSTEMS (an overview of some of Three Towns' many custom systems)
TECHNICAL (uninteresting information about the Three Towns server)
DONATE (so the admins aren't forced even further into depressing poverty)

FORUM (a place to flame people)

The admins of Three Towns may be contacted at threetowns@ranter.net.